The benefits of using law fretilizers


For the optimal growth and a lush eye-catching lawn, there are three components that can provide all the solutions & benefits.

Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium (N,P,K) the three essentials and components that are present in the modern day fertilizers to enhance yield and to not compromise on any low quality.

Our mowing services provide you with the best solution to a lush green turf for your lawn, it’s simple and you have to follow the basics well.

You have to ensure that the fertilizers being used are specific turf fertilizers with atleast of their 30 percent component nitrogen being a slow release gas as this will prevent your lawn from the burns of fertilizers and dramatically raise the growth along with providing high quality.


Without the use of lawn fertilizers you are doing injustice to the nature’s beauty, because there might not be a better view than to see a lush green lawn field in front of your eyes and for that to happen use of fertilizers should be implemented and not only their use but ‘’proper use’’ should be made necessary!

Remember, you can’t just straight-away get a fertilizer and use them anywhere at any lawn. They are not to be wide-spread in use , infact they have to be used wisely by knowing specifically the reason for its use. For example there are several fertilizers available that inhibit the fungal growth in the lawns which can certainly raise the bars of the quality.

It’s highly important to fertilise lawns in consideration to the season going in. This is a vital or an essential if you are using fertilizers, because you have to make up your mind for winters where there’ll be worn-out plants and lawns with not much lush outfields there to be seen.

Selecting the correct lawn for your home

So, immensely vital to revive the lawns after a disastrous winter season for them where they cannot be maintained upto the standards seen in other seasons. Hence, when spring arises there is a large spread of fertilizers for a new-life of the lawns to begin. Whereas during the summers, when the outfields are well maintained and green the fertilizers are given to ensure that the growth patterns do not get disturbed by any involvements.

Don’t forget to fertilize the lawns immensely in autumn season, because if that is not done the lawn is bound to suffer for an extended period as it won’t improve any further in the winters.

It is extremely important especially in Australia to consult a Professional Lawn Care experts for typical lawn care during all the seasons which is the only way to maintain the lawn at its very high level.

The Mowing company provides just the right consultancy required and if you want to use the fertilizers the right way, find the details on the following link :  WWW.THEMOWINGCOMPANY.COM.AU  .

Overall for the maintenance of lawn turf , the soil study and homework must be done particularly well for the use of fertilizers and that is where a normal person can suffer without an expert opinion, hence the role of law maintenance professional firms pops in and THE MOWING COMPANY is at your service in Australia 24/7 as we care about the greenery and lawns of the country!

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