Seasonal Lawn and Gardening Advice for Melbourne Australia

Seasonal Lawn and Gardening Advice for Melbourne Australia

The winter can be harsh in Oz and just like long exposure to the extreme temperatures can be detrimental to human life it can also take a toll on the plant life. This is why you have to take special care of your home lawn during the winter season to ensure it survives the cold. Or you could solicit a professional’s help from The Mowing Company.

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Lawn care does not stop in winter and home lawns require even more maintenance. Many home owners are likely to neglect their gardens in the cooler months but if they only pay a little bit extra attention their home lawn can look spectacular and be the envy of the entire neighborhood.

For those who are ready to take on this project on their own, here are a few tips.


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  1. Ensure Ample Sunlight Reaches the Lawn

Lawn care experts say letting grass clippings lay on the home lawn after being mowed because they have added nutrients which can beneficial to the grass. Also it saves us from the extra work of disposing of the clippings.

However, Melbourne lawn mowing guides advise against the practice during winter and recommend all home owners to clean up any clippings and dry leaves. This is to make sure the grass gets an ample amount of sunlight and air to survive the cold weather.

For those who have tall trees in their garden should also prune the branches to allow sunlight to fall through.


  1. Mow Less Often and at a Higher Height

During winter it is common for the growth rate of grass to fall which is why you should raise the height of the lawn mower so as not to damage the grass and prevent browning or scalping. If the grass is scalped repeatedly it will become weaker and more likely to contract diseases or weeds.

Melbourne lawn mowing requires the grass not be cut lower than 2.5 cm and the frequency of mowing be reduce to once every three or four weeks depending on the size and type of home lawn. By rule of thumb it is advised that the lawn be mowed once the length of grass exceeds 6 centimeters.



  1. Aerate the Soil

During winters there is heavy foot traffic in the lawn and in conjunction with the temperature it can cause soil compaction. The grass roots do not receive the required amount of resources needed to grow. To aerate the soil it can be perforated manually with a hand rake if you are serious about lawn care. On the other hand a professional can be hired from The Mowing Company to perform the tedious task.


  1. Use Fertilizer

Although grass may not grow as quickly during the winter months it still needs its optimal dose of nutrients. You can contact The Mowing Company to assess your soil and recommend the right fertilizer.

Melbourne lawn mowing can be a tiring task during winter which is why The Mowing Company is here to make your life easier.

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