Identifying Different Lawn Types In Australia

Australia, a diverse country indeed. The local residents are peace loving and likes greenery. The Australians have developed interest in enhancing the beauty of their cities and areas in which they live. They nurture greenery around them. The inhabitants likes to relax in their yards having a nice warm cup of tea and reading a newspaper. So, these people builds and establish a lawn that meets their requirements. Well, with great establishment comes great responsibility. To sustain a beautiful lawn, one must pay proper attention and lawn care. Lawn maintainence is necessary. Many online businesses provides the services of lawn mowing and lawn maintainence. The mainstream example of this online service is They provide the best possible service their is in Melbourne at your doorstep.

There is a major difference between a lawn and a garden. One distinguishing characteristic is that a lawn must be a small area of short grass that is mowed regularly, an area that adds to the house and may be used as a playing area while garden is a place in which human adds projects and different specimens of plants for the purpose to use their aesthetic effect, scent, natural beauty, to attract birds and insects etc. A lawn is the best place to just relax!

Types Of Lawns In Australia

There is great diversity in lawn types here in Australia. People have different tastes and their interests also differs. Australian climate mostly varies because of its geography. As, it contains small portions of deserts and semi-arid lands, the weather is dry and hot. But in the cities its tropical. The sequence of seasons is opposite to that of the northern countries. Different lawns that can be identified in the neighbourhoods of Australia particularly Melbourne are:

  1. Lawns Grown With Buffalo Grass

A particular type of grass that is the most favourite of Australians. Mainly because the leaf has a wide surface area its not annoying and irritating to the skin, especially the young ones who tend to play on these lawns. Its a very common and popular lawn type.

  1. Lawns Having Kikuyu Grass Kikuyu grass

lawn are easy to grow and nurture. Their maintainence and lawn care is a little hectic as compared to other types mainly because of its ability to grow and flourish fast. Because of its adaptable nature and ability to get nourishment in poor soil, is the reason of its wide use and popularity. It has a medium leaf width, vibrant green colour, has a soft feel to it when walked bare footed, loves the bright sunshine and humidity.

  1. Lawns Grown With Couch Grass Type

The speciality of this grass type is its easy availibility and cheap rates. It is durable and is grown in places that are rushed and are subjected tp heavy wears and tears. Houses having active and playful kids or dogs prefer these lawns because of its durability. It can easily be made into a top knotch stand out in the neighbourhood. Has a finesse to it. Lawn mowing when done perfectly brings out the actual beauty of this type of grass in a lawn.

4.Zoysia Grass Lawn

Zoysia grass has high tolerance to heat, salty water, drought season. In short a great grass to grow. It flourishes well in the summer season. It does not creep under the fences and roam in places that are not inlcluded in the lawn. Its less invasive as compared to others. Low lawn maintainence and less lawn care is needed. Not much of a headache to an owner. Best to grow and nurture in a home lawn. The characteristic wider leaf blade than couch makes it distinguisable than others. Zoysia grass is a spectacle to witness when mowed properly and grown in summer or in the warmer regions of Australia.

5.The Queensland Blue Couch Of Australia

A grass that maintained its worth over the years and is a favourite to culture in home lawns. Stays green and vibrant for most of the year. It would not be wrong to call it the Evergreen Grass. The attributes that are chained to this type of grass are its high tolerance to heat, less invasive and creeping, maintains good shape and colour and requires low lawn maintainence and lawn care.

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