How frequently should i arrange to have my lawn mowed?


Having a green and well maintained lawn requires a number of different fundamentals. On topic, how frequently should I arrange to have my lawn mowed depends on the type of season, the type of lawn and the current condition of the lawn. For the lawn leaf to be at it optimal length for it to grow no more the than a third of the leaf should be cut off in a single mow.

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Avoid damaging the lawn during mowing

Most lawn damage happens when the lawn grows to an unmaintained length and then mowed down to the desired length. Allowing the grass leaf to grow long requires the root of the leaf to grow past the soil to develop strength to hold up the long leaf. When mowed low the root then must be cut, once cut the root will show a brown colour leaving an healthy looking lawn.

Mowing the lawn when the conditions are not right. Most lawn care company’s continually mow lawns due to the time allocated for the mow. Lawn mowing must be avoided after rain. The rain softens the soil, with the soft soil during the lawn mowing process it can remove the roof of the lawn leaf and make it dry out and die.

If the lawn is being mowed on a hot day the best practice once the lawn has been mowed is to give the area a light watering. With a light water the exposed leaf will have a better chance of surviving. Being exposed to the direct sunlight the newly cut leaf with a light watering will have its chances of drying or burning out reduced.

Weeding during mowing

Achieving the perfect lawn also requires weed control. Regularly having the lawn mow will allow each time for the reduction of weeds in the lawn. Weed control in your lawn can not be done in a onetime process. Removing the weeds form the lawn must be done over a period of time. The required treatments need to be applied and correct fertilising to the lawn. Our professional team can help provide advice or develop a management plan to reduce and eliminate weeds in your lawn.

How often should I have my lawn mowed?

Considering the lawn health and the environment condition depending on the season of the year. As a rule of thumb the optimal time for lawn mowing is anything from between three to six weeks.

In the summer periods with the environment providing a lot of sun light and the occasional rain or watering, the grass leaf is in its optimal environment and grows the leaf the quickest. The recommend time in this period is approximately every 3 weeks. Keeping in mind that you don’t want the lawn to grow too long. Contact The Mowing Company for a professional opinion.

In the winter months when the sun is not as strong and the colder weather has set in, with the moister in the soil the lawn should be cut anything between five to six weeks picking the perfect day to mow it. The team at The Mowing Company understand the requirements for a healthy lawn and if booked in before 11am can offer same day mowing. So, pick a sunny day and let the lawn dry out before mowing.

The key to a healthy lawn is regular mowing, only removing a third of the leaf at one time and having the soil dry will give the best results.

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